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Bread & Butter Cookie Drip


The Bread & Butter Cookie Drip is a game-improvement paddle for beginner and intermediate pickleball players. This is ideal for players working on their control and finesse by the kitchen.

The Cookie Drip is a 16mm paddle with a carbon fiber face, an elongated shape, and a 5″ handle. See below for additional details and specifications.

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For paddle orders made on, a policy of “Love it or Return it” within 30 days is offered. If, for any reason, the customer is dissatisfied with their paddle(s), a full refund, excluding shipping costs, can be obtained without any inquiries. While the company may seek feedback on the reason for the return, it is solely for the purpose of enhancing the product, not to discourage the return.

All other items (balls, apparel, etc.) must be in unused and new condition to be eligible for a return within 30 days of purchase, qualifying for a refund.

After the initial 30 days, the assumption is that the customer is enjoying their paddles. However, if any workmanship or manufacturing issues arise, Bread & Butter provides a warranty for 6 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF RECEIPT OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE in the United States and Canada. The warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser and does not extend to replacement paddles.

The warranty is not applicable under the following conditions:

  1. Normal wear and tear, damage through improper usage, negligence, acts of nature, or accident.
  2. Wear and fading of graphics.
  3. Use in commercial applications or rentals.
  4. Modifications or repairs made to the paddle.
  5. Purchase from a non-authorized Bread & Butter dealer.
  6. Purchase of a used paddle.
  7. If the paddle was won in a promotion or competition.

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The Bread & Butter Drip pickleball paddles are designed for beginner and intermediate players. They have high-density polypropylene cores and carbon fiber faces. Their emphasis on control vs. power is perfect for learning dinks, drops, and touch around the kitchen. Bread & Butter has multiple designs, each with a unique personality.

I play pickleball to burn off the calories from all the chocolate chip cookies I eat. The Cookie Drip combines my two favorite things into one pickleball paddle. Check out the Cream Drip, the Cookie’s alter ego.

Bread & Butter Cookie Drip Paddle Technical Specifications

Weight:8.25 oz
Paddle Length:16.4″
Paddle Width:7.48″
Handle Length:5″
Grip Circumference:4.24″
Face Material:Carbon Fiber
Core:High-Density Polypropylene
Octagon Handle with vibration-dampening wrap
USAPA Approved for tournament play


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