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Best Pickleball Backpacks for 2024: Top 10 Compared

The best pickleball backpacks hanging on a fence next to a pickleball court

Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 09:00 pm

Are you seeking the perfect pickleball backpack that seamlessly blends style and functionality? Choosing the right pickleball backpack can make all the difference in how you approach the game. With the sport’s explosive popularity, players seek not only quality gear but also convenience and functionality to enhance their playing experience. 

From spacious compartments designed for paddles and balls to ergonomic designs that prioritize comfort during transportation, the market offers a plethora of options. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the top pickleball backpacks, highlighting their unique features, durability, and practicality to help you find the perfect companion for your pickleball adventures.

Our Top Picks for Best Pickleball Backpacks

1. Most Popular

Joola Pickleball Backpack

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2. Top Durable Bag

Gearbox Pickleball Backpack

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3. Most Spacious

Vulcan VPRO 

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4. Top Stylish Bag

Holbrook Podium Backpack

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5. Best Value

Athletico Pickleball Backpack

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6. Best Cooler + Backpack

2-in-1 Treitz 

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7. Most Organized

PBAW Large Pickleball Backpack

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8. Highly Rated

Vatic Pro Pickleball Backpack

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9. Top Tour Backpack

Joola Tour Elite 

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10. Most Versatile

CRBN Pro Team Pickleball Bag

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Best Pickleball Backpacks

1. Most Popular: Joola Vision II

JOOLA Pickleball Bag - Vision II

The JOOLA brand proudly sponsors the world's top-ranked pickleball player, Ben Johns, and the PPA Tour. Renowned for 70+ years in table tennis, JOOLA collaborates with Ben Johns to introduce an innovative line of pickleball gear, revolutionizing the game.

Their large-capacity paddle bag accommodates four paddles in a padded, enclosed section. The main storage area offers ample space for more paddles and equipment, available in three colors—Black, Blue, and Pink—for both men and women.

With over 10 compartments and pockets, this bag keeps all your pickleball accessories organized, featuring a laptop sleeve, a mesh water bottle pocket, accessory compartments, pickleball storage sleeves, and dedicated spaces for various items.

Designed specifically for pickleball enthusiasts, the bag includes a fence hook to keep it elevated and dry, along with a ventilated shoe compartment to maintain the interior's dryness. Quick access is facilitated by easy pull tabs, making it an ideal choice for pickleball players, crafted by pickleball players.

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07/18/2024 04:58 pm GMT

2. Top Durable Bag: Gearbox Core Division

Gearbox Pickleball Backpack - Core Division

Constructed with 900D Tetoron material, the full-size backpack from Holbrook offers both durability and comfort.

The backpack, featuring a sleek black design with red accents, is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. It boasts multiple compartments and pockets, strategically organized to ensure your gear is well-protected and easy to access.

With a focus on both functionality and style, this backpack is a reliable companion for those in need of a spacious and durable bag for various activities.

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07/18/2024 04:58 pm GMT

3. Most Spacious: Vulcan VPRO

Vulcan VPRO Pickleball Backpack

If you prefer the convenience of a two-strap backpack style, Vulcan's VPRO Pickleball Backpack is an excellent choice. This hands-free option offers comfort while transporting your gear. Crafted from anti-rip, waterproof nylon fabric, it safeguards your equipment against the elements. With size-specific pockets providing ample storage, it's an ideal companion for competitions or lengthy days on the pickleball court.

Inside, the backpack accommodates up to two paddles with extra space for balls or smaller items. The four side pockets, including an insulated one for snacks, offer designated areas for additional accessories. The ventilated front pocket not only separates sweaty shoes but also facilitates quick airing out.

If you seek a dependable, comfortable means to carry your gear between courts—particularly prioritizing airing out your pickleball shoes—Vulcan's VPRO Pickleball Backpack is a worthwhile investment.


Dimensions: 21.5in H x 13.5in W x 3.6in D

Features: Insulated pocket to keep drinks cool and ventilated shoe compartment 

Pros: Ample space, water-resistant fabric, great for tournaments 

Cons: Pricier than other options, shoe pocket takes away from paddle space

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07/18/2024 03:00 pm GMT

4. Top Stylish Bag: Holbrook Podium

Holbrook Podium Pickleball Bag - White

The Holbrook pickleball bag comes in a one-size-fits-all design, constructed with premium-quality canvas material.

Specifically designed for pickleball, this bag features a convenient zipper closure. Its standout features include ample storage capacity, a dedicated shoe pocket, and a cinch laundry bag for added functionality.

The bag also includes a mesh side pocket designed to hold a water bottle, ensuring hydration on the go. With an ergonomic and comfortable design, it not only prioritizes functionality but also offers a stylish and sleek appearance. The Holbrook pickleball bag is a versatile and multi-functional accessory, catering to the diverse needs of pickleball enthusiasts.

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07/18/2024 03:02 pm GMT

5. Best Value: Athletico Pickleball Backpack

Athletico Pickleball Backpack - Large

The Athletico pickleball bag is a large-sized, black polyester backpack designed specifically for pickleball enthusiasts. It features a padded exterior compartment that accommodates up to 2 pickleball paddles, with a secure and easily accessible non-slip zipper. The bag also includes a zippered shoe compartment at the bottom with a fresh-air vent for carrying shoes in a balanced and isolated location.

Additionally, the backpack comes with a clip-on mesh drawstring bag, perfect for storing pickleball balls (balls not included) or organizing clothes and snacks for your game. The two bottle pockets with drawstring and cord lock security can hold large 32 oz. bottles or slimmer water bottles.

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07/18/2024 03:08 pm GMT

6. Best Backback + Cooler: Treitz Sports 2-In-1 Pickleball Bag

Treitz Sportz 2-In-1 Pickleball Backpack with Built-In Cooler

Treitz Sportz offers a standard-sized, red polyester pickleball bag. This backpack seamlessly combines gear storage and a cooler, providing convenience during matches and easy access to post-game refreshments.

The bag includes a spacious cooler pocket, secured interior slots for paddles, a mesh pouch for used gear, side pockets for water bottles and balls, and a designated spot for your phone. With dimensions of 18” x 15” x 10”, adjustable shoulder straps, and durable construction, it is designed for comfort and longevity.

The pickleball bag, available in vibrant blue and red, features a hanging hook and aims to be both a utility and a statement on the court, catering to players of all levels with a commitment to quality.

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07/18/2024 04:01 pm GMT

7. Most Organized: PBAW

PBAW Pickleball Backpack - Black
$59.95 $49.99

The PBAW pickleball backpack, available in one size and a stylish black/blue color combination, is made of durable nylon. This backpack is designed exclusively for pickleball players, offering superior organization and storage capacity with 14 pockets and compartments. It accommodates various items, including water bottles, sunglasses, keys, wallet, phone, clothes, shoes, gloves, pickleball balls, and paddles. Notably, it features a separate shoe compartment and a rear paddle compartment with padded pockets for racket protection.

The backpack stands upright on its own and includes a fence hook for easy court hanging. Designed for comfort, it adopts a standard 2-strap backpack design, distributing weight evenly to prevent back and shoulder pain. The padded straps and back ensure comfort even when the backpack is filled with heavy gear. Suitable for on-the-go players, it is carry-on size, making it convenient for plane travel. Additionally, the padded storage compartments for paddles can double as storage for iPads or laptops, making it a versatile choice for those who bring work to the court.

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07/18/2024 04:04 pm GMT

8. Best Ratings: Vatic Pro

Vatic Pro Pickleball Backpack

The Vatic Pro Pickleball Backpack is a simple, functional, and affordable choice designed primarily for pickleball players but suitable for any occasion.

This backpack provides efficient organization with dimensions of 20”x14”x10”, accented zippers, and key features like side access shoe storage, an enlarged water bottle pocket, and soft-lined valuables pockets.

It accommodates up to eight paddles, apparel, court shoes, accessories, and more, prioritizing functional space while minimizing unnecessary weight. The bag offers reliable and practical solutions for tournaments or recreational play.

Notable features include a separate inner pocket for clean clothes, a hidden back pocket for paddles, and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Check Price at Vatic Pro

9. Top Tour Bag: Joola Tour Elite

JOOLA Tour Elite Pickleball Bag

The JOOLA Tour Elite Pickleball Bag is a must-have for any serious pickleball player. It has been designed by pickleball players, so you know it has all the features you need to take your game to the next level.


  • Designated pockets for 4 paddles
  • Spacious main compartment
  • 8 exterior zippered compartments
  • 4 interior pockets
  • Thermal-insulated racquet compartments
  • Ventilated bottom sack for shoes
  • Sleeve for balls
  • Fence hook
  • Soft-lined pockets for valuables
  • Converts from backpack to duffle bag

Dimensions: 15”x22”x10”

Warranty:1-year warranty

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07/18/2024 04:11 pm GMT

10. Best Versatility: CRBN Pro Team

CRBN Pickleball Backpack - Pro Team Pickleball Bag

The CRBN Pickleball Pro Team backpack, available in one size and a sleek grey color, is made of synthetic material. It is designed for pickleball enthusiasts, featuring a padded, thermal-lined compartment that comfortably holds up to 3 paddles while protecting them from heat.

This all-in-one bag includes a shoe compartment for keeping sneakers fresh and thermal-lined side-zippered pockets for balls and small water bottles. It is a compact and lightweight option with dimensions of 21.5"H x 12.5"W x 8"D and a weight of 3.5 lbs.

The backpack also offers convenience with a laptop sleeve, making it suitable for business and leisure trips.

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How to Choose the Best Pickleball Backpack?

Selecting the right backpack is crucial for a few reasons. First off, it’s about convenience and functionality. A good backpack explicitly designed for pickleball will have compartments and storage spaces tailored to fit paddles, balls, water bottles, and other gear neatly. This organization can make accessing what you need during games or practice sessions easier without rummaging through a messy bag.

Comfort is another crucial factor. Backpacks often come with padded straps and back panels, distributing weight more evenly and reducing strain on your shoulders and back. This becomes crucial, especially if you carry the bag for extended periods while traveling to tournaments or walking between courts.

Durability matters, too. Pickleball backpacks made from quality materials can withstand wear and tear, ensuring your gear stays protected, and your bag remains usable for a long time.

Choosing the right pickleball bag can enhance your overall playing experience by keeping your equipment organized, making it easier to transport, and providing the comfort and durability necessary for frequent use. Here are eight criteria you can use to select the best pickleball backpack: 

1. Size and Capacity:

Determine how many paddles, balls, water bottles, towels, and other gear you typically carry. Ensure the backpack has sufficient compartments and space for all your items.

2. Comfort and Fit:

Look for padded straps and back support for comfort during extended wear. Adjustable straps help customize the fit to your body.

3. Material and Durability:

Pick a backpack made of durable, water-resistant material to protect your gear from the elements. Strong zippers and reinforced stitching are essential for longevity.

4. Compartments and Organization:

Assess the number of pockets, dividers, and sections for organizing your gear. Separate compartments for paddles, balls, and personal items keep things orderly.

5. Ventilation:

Check for proper ventilation to prevent odor build-up, especially for sweaty gear.

6. Design and Style:

This is a personal preference, but consider a style that suits your taste and reflects your personality.

7. Reviews and Recommendations:

Read reviews from other pickleball players to understand real-world experiences and find reputable brands.

8. Price:

Set a budget and find a backpack that offers the best features within that range.

Ultimately, the best backpack is one that meets your storage needs, offers comfort, durability, and aligns with your budget. For more information, please read our comprehensive guide on Pickleball Bag Features

An assortment of pickleball backpacks against a wall

Is a Pickleball Backpack Right for You?

Players often consider several alternatives to pickleball backpacks based on personal preferences and needs. Some players opt for pickleball duffel bags, which offer spacious compartments for gear and accessories but lack the specialized organization of a backpack. 

Others use tote bags or sling bags, which might be convenient for casual play but might not provide adequate protection or organization for equipment. Some players even repurpose hiking or tennis bags for their pickleball gear, leveraging the specific compartmentalization and durability these bags offer. 

Ultimately, while these alternatives can work in a pinch, they might not offer the tailored organization, comfort, and durability designed explicitly for the needs of pickleball players that a dedicated backpack does.

Are you still undecided on why to get a pickleball bag? Please read our blog showcasing Seven Reasons to Buy a Pickleball Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a pickleball backpack different from a regular backpack?

Pickleball backpacks are specifically designed to cater to the needs of pickleball players. They often feature specialized compartments for paddles, balls, and shoes, providing organized storage for pickleball essentials. These backpacks prioritize functionality for players on and off the court.

2. How many paddles can a typical pickleball backpack hold?

The capacity of pickleball backpacks varies, but many can comfortably hold 2 to 3 paddles. It’s crucial to check the product specifications for the specific backpack you’re interested in to ensure it meets your storage requirements.

3. Are pickleball backpacks suitable for travel?

Yes, many pickleball backpacks are designed with travel in mind. They often come in carry-on sizes, feature additional compartments for personal items, and may include convenient features like laptop sleeves. Check the product details for travel-friendly features.

4. Can I use a pickleball backpack for other sports?

While pickleball backpacks are tailored for pickleball gear, their versatile designs often make them suitable for various sports and activities. Consider your needs and the backpack’s features to determine if it aligns with your intended use.

5. Are pickleball backpacks comfortable to wear during extended periods?

Pickleball backpacks prioritize comfort with padded straps and ergonomic designs. However, individual preferences may vary. Choosing a backpack with adjustable and padded straps is recommended to ensure comfort, especially during extended wear.

6. How do I clean and maintain my pickleball backpack?

Cleaning instructions may vary based on the material of the backpack. Spot cleaning with a damp cloth is generally suitable for most pickleball backpacks. Refer to the product’s care instructions for specific details on cleaning and maintenance.

7. Can I fit a water bottle in a pickleball backpack?

Many pickleball backpacks come with side pockets or compartments to hold water bottles. Check the product details to confirm the size and number of water bottle pockets the backpack offers.

8. Are there specific pickleball backpacks recommended for professionals or advanced players?

Some brands offer pickleball backpacks tailored for professionals or advanced players, featuring advanced materials, additional storage, and specialized compartments. Explore products with enhanced features if you’re seeking a backpack for competitive play.

9. How do I find the perfect pickleball backpack that suits my style?

Consider size, color options, design features, and brand preferences when selecting a pickleball backpack. Explore various options to find one that aligns with your style and enhances your overall playing experience.

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