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Best Women’s Pickleball Bags: Fashion-Forward Performance

A woman shopping for pickleball bags

Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 08:07 am

Are you a female pickleball enthusiast searching for the perfect bag that combines style, functionality, and performance? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top pickleball bags explicitly tailored for women, ensuring that your gear is well-organized and complements your style on and off the court.

Stylish Designs That Match Your Personality

Explore pickleball bags that boast stylish designs catering to various preferences. From vibrant colors to chic patterns, these bags allow you to express your personality while keeping your gear organized. Check out our top recommendations for bags that seamlessly blend fashion with function.

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Our Top Picks for Women's Pickleball Bags

1. Most Popular

Queen of the Court

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2. Best Black & White Bag

Fresh Pickle

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3. Best Large Canvas Bag

Tangerine Nantucket Stripe

Read More

4. Top Women's Backpack

Ame & Lulu Drop Shot 

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5. Best Women's Slingbag

Swinton Women’s Sling

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6. Cutest Pickleball Bag

Fresh Pickle TEDDI Backpack

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7. Best Women's Large Duffel Bag

Swinton Duffel Bag

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8. Most Affordable Pickleball Bag

Super Fly Goods Ladies Pickleball Bag

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9. Best Tote Bag

Ame & Lulu Hamptons Pickleball Bag Tote

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10. Most Compact

Recess Pickleball Rally Bag

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11. Best Lightweight

Georgie + Lou: The Parker

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12. Best Travel Bag

Georgie + Lou: The Tournament Traveler

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13. Top Animal Print

Georgie + Lou: The Cheetah Tote

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Why Women Need Specialized Pickleball Bags

Pickleball bags designed for women go beyond mere storage solutions; they are crafted with style, comfort, and functionality considerations. Investing in a specialized pickleball bag can significantly enhance your playing experience.

Size and Design

Women’s pickleball bags may be designed to accommodate slightly smaller frames or preferences for different shapes and sizes. They might be more tailored or offer design elements that appeal to feminine aesthetics.

Organizational Features

Ladies’ bags might have compartments or organizational features that suit the items they typically carry, such as pockets for smaller accessories or separate zippered compartments for personal items like keys, phones, or makeup.

Style Preferences

These bags might offer a broader range of colors, patterns, or designs that align with current fashion trends and personal style preferences. 


Straps and padding might be designed with considerations for women’s comfort while carrying the bag, mainly if it’s meant to be worn for extended periods.


Some women’s bags might integrate functionality with style, ensuring that the bag looks good and meets their specific needs in terms of ample space, durability, and ease of use.

Best Women's Pickleball Bags

1. Queen of the Court Pickleball Bag

Queen of the Court Women's Pickleball Bag

Attention, ladies! This bag is tailored specifically for you. Featuring stylish and feminine color schemes, its size perfectly accommodates all your pickleball essentials.

Capable of holding multiple paddles, balls, and your water bottle, this bag offers ample room. Furthermore, it includes numerous pockets to keep smaller items like your phone and keys neatly organized.

What truly distinguishes this bag is its meticulous attention to detail. Crafted from high-quality materials, it boasts a padded strap for comfortable carrying. Additionally, its easy-to-use zippers can make a significant difference, especially when you're rushing to hit the court.

The Queen of the Court Pickleball Bag stands out as an exceptional choice for any pickleball player. Stylish, functional, and exuding a touch of girl power, it's an accessory we can all appreciate. Grab your paddle and dominate the court with this bag by your side!


Dimensions: 14in L x 14in W x 6in H

Fence Hook: Yes

Pockets: Two interior, two exterior, and a small pocket for keys

Pros: Stylish women’s specific design, available in many unique colors, you will look like pickleball royalty.

Cons: Pickleball paddle pockets are awkwardly positioned outside the bag; if you fit in two paddles, the front is prone to ripping.

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07/18/2024 04:18 pm GMT

2. Fresh Pickle Women's Bag

Fresh Pickle Women's Pickleball Bag

The Fresh Pickle Pickleball Bag in black and ivory isconstructed from durable nylon. It is designed for the sports of pickleball and padel. This imported bag offers functional features, providing ample storage space for three pickleball paddles and multiple accessory compartments to keep essentials organized.

With a large capacity, it can accommodate all necessary items for pickleball play, including a zipper pocket for keys and two exterior side pockets for sizable water bottles. Crafted from 1000D nylon, the bag is highly durable and water-resistant, ensuring longevity even in challenging court conditions.

It serves a multipurpose function, suitable for holding paddles, balls, shoes, towels, water bottles, and more, making it an excellent gift for pickleball enthusiasts. Notably designed for women, the pickleball paddle bags are stylish and eye-catching, featuring patterns and colors that will draw attention and inquiries from fellow players.

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07/18/2024 03:56 pm GMT

3. Hunter Nantucket Stripe Pickleball Bag

Tangerine Pickleball - Hunter Nantucket Stripe Pickleball Bag


The sidecar of this bag accommodates 2 Pickleball Paddles and is crafted from heavyweight Canvas Duck. It boasts Cotton Twill Detailing, a Water-Resistant Nylon Mesh interior, and features Premium Brass Hardware and Zippers for durability.


  • Outer Dimensions: 14” Wide (at top), 13.5” Wide (at bottom for slight taper), 16” High, 6” Deep
  • Zip-Open sidecar dimensions: 12” x 11” with curvature
  • 40” Shoulder Strap


The interior is thoughtfully designed with 2 open-topped pouches, 1 zipper-enclosed pocket, and a dedicated water bottle sleeve for added convenience.

Buy at Tangerine

4. Drop Shot Pickleball Bag

Ame & Lulu Drop Shot Pickleball Bag

The Ame & Lulu Pickleball Backpack in a stylish navy and white stripe design offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. With a convenient one-size fit, the backpack features padded and adjustable straps for comfortable carrying.

The zip closure ensures secure storage, complemented by an interior zip pocket for added organization. The exterior slip pocket is specially designed to accommodate paddles, making it easy to carry essential equipment.

Measuring at 10.5 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 16.5 inches in height, this backpack provides ample space for pickleball necessities. Additionally, the interior is equipped with two mesh water bottle pockets for convenient hydration during play. Overall, this pickleball backpack combines a chic design with practical features, making it a stylish and functional choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

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07/18/2024 04:00 pm GMT

5. Swinton Women's Sling Bag

Swinton Pickleball - Pickleball Sling Bag

Introducing the ultimate pickleball sling bag now available in a vibrant blue color, catering to both men and women enthusiasts. This one-shoulder sling bag is perfect for any pickleball player, offering easy access with outer pockets designed to zip in one or two pickleball paddles.

The updated blue version features side pockets for water bottles, making it a convenient and stylish choice. Sized just right for carrying balls, towels, an extra shirt, or shoes to the pickleball court, it also includes a bonus back pocket for essentials like your cell phone, keys, and wallet.

The neoprene construction ensures durability and flexibility. Product specifications include dimensions of approximately 16" tall x 12" wide x 4" deep, making it a versatile and practical choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

Check Price at Swinton

6. TEDDI Women's Pickleball Backpack

Fresh Pickle Women's TEDDI Pickleball Backpack (Navy/Pink)

The TEDDI backpack, presented by Fresh Pickle, is an ideal court bag in navy, designed for tennis and pickleball. Combining style and functionality, it includes built-in fence hooks, durable nylon fabric, and ample storage for towels, shoes, phones, keys, balls, and more.

With a large capacity, the pickleball backpack features a zipper pocket for keys and two exterior side pockets for sizable water bottles. Crafted from 1000D nylon, it ensures durability and water resistance, withstanding tough days on the pickleball court for years.

Additionally, it is compatible with padel, platform, and paddle tennis gear. The stylish design of the pickleball paddle bags, specifically made for women, ensures they stand out on the court with eye-catching patterns and colors that prompt others to inquire about their origin.

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07/18/2024 03:59 pm GMT

7. Swinton Women's Duffel Bag

Swinton Pickleball XL Pickleball Duffel Bag

We've met your request with our new XL Pickleball Duffel Bag, set to become your preferred all-in-one carry bag and the talk of the court.

This spacious bag holds just about everything, accommodating two paddles in the front zip compartments, featuring a generously sized reinforced interior pocket, and additional small stash pockets inside. Side pockets are perfect for shoes, water bottles, and more.

For added convenience, it comes with an optional longer strap. Crafted from durable neoprene, this bag is built to last. Choose from the available colors: blue and black. The dimensions are 18" x 15" x 9".

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8. Super Fly Goods Women's Pickleball Bag

Super Fly Goods Women's Pickleball Bag/Backpack

Our pickleball bag can be used as a pickleball backpack, crossbody backpack, tennis backpack, or paddle bag. It features comfortable padded shoulder straps that easily flip between the left and right sides, and it has enough storage space to hold up to 6 pickleball paddles, 2 tennis or racquetball rackets, 20 pickleball balls, or a 15-inch laptop. It also includes a water bottle holder, a hidden anti-theft pocket, and a zippered personal pocket for your phone, wallet, keys, or small items.


  • Reversible shoulder straps for multiple carrying options
  • Multipurpose design for pickleball, tennis, badminton, and other activities
  • Large capacity to hold all your gear
  • Water bottle holder and hidden anti-theft pocket
  • Zippered personal pocket for snacks, phone, wallet, keys, or small items
  • Waterproof and durable construction
  • Measures 14 inches x 10 inches x 19 inches

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07/18/2024 04:13 pm GMT

9. Recesss Pickleball Women's Tote Bag

10. Recess Pickleball Compact Rally Bag

Recess Pickleball Rally Bag

Stay game-ready with the versatile Rally Bag, designed to seamlessly carry all your pickleball essentials. Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy polyester, this bag features extra padding for comfort and can be worn as a backpack or crossbody, adapting to your preference.

Key Features:

  • Ample space for two pickleball paddles, three pickleballs, and personal items
  • Comfortable padding for enhanced comfort during transport
  • Versatile design for backpack or crossbody carrying
  • Durable polyester construction for long-lasting performance
  • Water-resistant material to protect your belongings from the elements
  • Adjustable straps for a personalized fit
  • Compact dimensions of 17" x 9.7" x 2.35" for effortless portability
Buy at Recess Pickleball

11. The Parker Women's Pickleball Bag

Georgie and Lou - The Parker Pickleball Bag

The Parker pickleball bag is named after Mimi and Lori's friend Erin, who embodies the bag's qualities of independence, kindness, and effortless style. Designed with perfection in mind, The Parker is crafted from lightweight yet durable fabric, offering ample space to carry all your pickleball essentials.

Functional Features

  • A clever carabiner system keeps your bag lifted off the ground, preventing dirt and moisture from entering
  • Comfortable removable straps allow for versatile carrying options, whether as a backpack or crossbody bag
  • The spacious main compartment accommodates multiple pickleball paddles, balls, and other accessories
  • Dedicated pockets for phones, keys, and other small items ensure easy organization
  • Durable construction and water-resistant material withstand daily wear and tear

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Depth: 5 inches

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Buy at Georgie and Lou

12. The Women's Tournament Traveler Bag

Georgie and Lou - The Tournament Traveler Pickleball Bag

We believe in blending style with functionality both on and off the pickleball court. Introducing the Tournament Traveler, our latest design features an exclusive carabiner system and a unique back pocket that unzips, allowing the bag to easily slip onto a suitcase for convenient travel. With multiple zipper pockets, adjustable cross-body straps, and pleated side pockets for added space, this wipe-clean nylon bag offers both versatility and chic design. The untapered sides provide a spacious interior measuring 12H x 14W x 6D, while the lightweight design at 1.5 pounds makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate style on the go.

Buy at Georgie and Lou

13. Cheetah Animal Print Pickleball Bag

Georgie and Lou Cheetah Women's Pickleball Tote Bag

The Cheetah bag gets its name from the animal print it features, adding a wild touch to anyone's style. It is the perfect pickleball tote!

Daily Mom has hailed it as their top original bag this season, praising its zippered pockets, detachable carry straps, and exterior mesh back pocket for convenience and charm.

With tapered sides and dimensions of 14.5W x 13H x 5D, this bag, weighing 1.8 pounds, is perfect for both on and off the Pickleball Court.

Buy at Georgie and Lou

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Pickleball Bag

Choosing a pickleball bag with the right features is pivotal for convenience, organization, and gear protection. The bag’s storage options, including compartments for paddles, balls, shoes, and personal items, ensure everything has its place, promoting easy access and organization. 

Durability, through strong zippers and sturdy materials, safeguards gear against wear and tear, while comfort-focused features like padded straps or wheels enhance portability. Ventilated compartments prevent odors and maintain gear freshness, and selecting an appropriate size and capacity ensures a balanced fit for your equipment. 

Lastly, while not functional, the bag’s style and aesthetics can add a touch of personal preference to elevate your overall experience on the court.

For additional information, please read our blog on Pickleball Bag Features

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a pickleball bag suitable for women?

Women’s pickleball bags often feature designs that reflect personal style, with considerations for size, weight, and functionality. They may include vibrant color options and chic patterns to cater to diverse preferences.

Can a women's pickleball bag be used for daily activities beyond the court?

Absolutely! Many women’s pickleball bags are designed to seamlessly transition from the court to everyday life, offering versatile features and stylish designs that make them suitable for various occasions.

What are the different types of pickleball bags?

Pickleball bags come in various styles catering to different needs: Backpacks offer multiple compartments and are carried on the back, providing ample space and organization. Tote bags, carried over the shoulder, feature a large main compartment with smaller pockets. Duffel bags resemble gym bags with a spacious main compartment and side pockets, offering versatility in carrying options. 

Sling bags, worn across the body, are compact and convenient for minimal gear. Rolling bags with wheels and handles are ideal for heavier loads. Each type suits different preferences for carrying comfort, organization, and gear capacity.

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