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Speedup Fire 14mm


If you’ve played the Speedup Fire 14mm, you know it lives up to its name. It is designed for the advanced player looking for precision and speed at the kitchen. It is a fast paddle with a lot of pop and no shortage of power and spin. Like the ICE 16mm, the Fire 14mm has a 6-inch handle, giving plenty of room for 2-handed backhands. The best part, it’s $119.99, making it the best value for a high-performance paddle.

At Speedup Pickleball, the commitment to product quality is unwavering. In the event of encountering a manufacturing defect with a paddle, the company ensures the following:

Replacement Guarantee: Paddles found to have verified manufacturing defects will be replaced without any additional cost.

Inspection: The company reserves the right to inspect and determine the validity of reported defects. Replacement will only be issued upon verification.

90-Day Window: Paddles must be returned within 90 days from the purchase date to qualify for replacement.

Return Shipping: Customers are responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning a paddle under this warranty.

Exclusions: Damages resulting from misuse or abuse are not covered under this warranty.

Replacement Limit: Each purchased paddle is entitled to a single replacement under this policy.

Original Purchaser: This warranty is applicable solely to the original purchaser of the paddle.

Claim Process: To initiate a warranty claim, customers can reach out via email at or through the company’s contact page, using “WARRANTY CLAIM” as the subject line. The email should include the original purchaser’s name, order number, original purchase date, shipping address, and a description of the defect or reason for the replacement request. The dedicated team will promptly review the claim and provide guidance on the next steps.

At Speedup Pickleball, ensuring customer satisfaction with their products is paramount. For those who may not be completely content with their paddle purchase, the company offers a clear-cut return policy:

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Customers can return their paddle within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked, if they are dissatisfied.

Extended Return Window: If the paddle remains unused and in its original packaging, returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase, with a full refund provided.

Shipping & Handling: Customers are responsible for covering all associated shipping and handling costs for the return.

Original Purchaser: Refunds are processed exclusively for the original purchaser of the paddle.

Claim Process: To initiate a return, customers are advised to follow these steps:

Email or use the contact page, with “REFUND CLAIM” as the subject line. Include the following details in the email: Original purchaser’s name Order number Original purchase date Shipping address

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Ready to elevate your game to the next level? The Fire 14 has arrived to ignite that passion. True to its fiery moniker, this paddle seamlessly blends speed, spin, power, and precision, ensuring no compromises in performance. Crafted with aerodynamic precision, it caters to agile drives, two-handed backhands, precise flicks, and commanding shots at the kitchen line. This paddle will feel like an old friend for players accustomed to the robust handles found in tennis and badminton rackets.

Users can revel in a generous and consistent sweet spot thanks to an innovative thermoforming process paired with foam edge wall inserts. Whether gearing up for intense rallies, favoring aggressive drives, or seeking a reliable singles paddle, the Fire 14 is your steadfast ally. Drawing inspiration from the tennis world, our paddle features a polyurethane mold atop the handle, reminiscent of the premium touch of tennis rackets. This distinctive design dampens vibrations and provides an ergonomically crafted grip, ensuring comfort during extended play sessions. The result? A paddle that seamlessly integrates with your hand, granting you unparalleled control over every stroke. Experience heightened sensitivity, pinpoint accuracy, and the assurance that each swing obeys your command.

Speedup Fire 14mm Technical Specifications

SurfaceAerospace Grade Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
CoreHigh-Performance Polypropylene Honeycomb
ShapeHybrid Aerocurve
Weight7.8 oz
Handle Length6″
Handle Circumference4.125″



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