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Pickleball Hoodies: A Must Have for Playing Cold Weather Pickleball

Four Different Pickleball Hoodies

Hoodies are arguably the most comfortable piece of clothing you can own. Throw on some comfy sweats and socks, and you’re ready for couch surfing on a cold day. Or, better yet, you can head out to the pickleball court! 

I’m almost always wearing a hoodie if you see me playing pickleball. Even when it’s warm, I’ll keep it on as long as possible. I like to get a good sweat going. 

How do you figure out what hoodie you should get for pickleball? There isn’t a wrong answer. You could grab one cheap from Goodwill, “borrow” one from a friend or get a perfect one for pickleball (see below). My favorite is the Carhartt hoodie. They’re not made specifically for pickleball, but they work great! I have many different styles and weights, including one with a Simply Pickleball logo. 

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Rally Club Pickleball Hoodies

Rally Club is a hot new pickleball clothing company based in LA. Think of them as the Aviator Nation of pickleball clothing. Rally Club hoodies are so comfortable you’ll wear them on and off the court. 

We recently interviewed their founders, who shared a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s start. You can watch the entire episode here

Pickleball Hoodies

Retro Pickleball Hoodie

Sorry. Can’t. Pickleball Hoodie

Dank Prints Pickleball Hoodie

Just One More Game Pickleball Hoodie

Chalk Talk Sports Pickleball Hoodie

Kind of a Big Deal Pickleball Hoodie

Carhartt Hoodies (Great for Pickleball)

Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Sweatshirt

Carhartt Men’s Rain Defender Sweatshirt

Carhartt Loose Fit Rain Defender

Pickleball Hoodie FAQs:

Where are Rally Club pickleball hoodies made?

All Rally Club pickleball clothes are made in the US in Los Angeles. 

Do you have additional details for Rally Club hoodies?

  • 100% Cotton Heavy Fleece/Sweatshirt Fabric
  • Garment Dyed with Custom Screen Print
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Hood with Drawcord
  • Front Pocket
  • Machine Washable

Rally Club's Shipping & Return Policy

  • Free Shipping on all orders over $150
  • Orders are processed within 24 hours with delivery times varying between 2-5 business days depending on the delivery destination.
  • Need to make a return? No hard feelings – you can make a return online within 30 days of the delivery date. Just email us at
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