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Diadem Edge 18K Standard


The Diadem Edge 18K Standard Pickleball Paddle enhances the original and highly sought-after Edge 18K with increased power and reach, catering to players who thrive on dominating their opponents with aggressive drives. Addressing the demands of such players, the paddle incorporates thermo-formed construction, positioning carbon fiber around the paddle’s edges beneath the Rib Edge Guard. This construction method ensures a uniform response across the surface, producing heightened power.

Renowned for its effectiveness, the 3D 18K Carbon Fiber hitting surface wraps around the edge, providing a hitting area measuring 10.7″ in length and 7.5″ in width. This surface amplifies power by imparting energy onto the ball and enhances control by compressing the ball and facilitating comfortable spin in any direction.

The return policy at Diadem Sports spans a duration of 30 days. Most new products, excluding those specified under the “Pickleball Paddle Return Policy” or categorized as “Exceptions / non-returnable items,” are subject to this standard return policy.

To qualify for a return, the item must remain in its original condition, unused or unworn, with tags intact, and in its original packaging. Additionally, a valid receipt or proof of purchase is required. Upon receipt and inspection of the return to ensure its new condition, a refund will be approved.

Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

Initiating a return or exchange can be done by clicking on the following link:

Regarding pickleball paddles, Diadem implements a distinct return policy applicable solely to this category. Within 30 days of receiving the item, customers may request a return for any reason.

For completely unused paddles in their original packaging and condition, a full refund is provided. In cases where the paddle has been used and is not in new condition, customers are still entitled to return it within 30 days for a refund, albeit subject to a $20 restocking fee. This fee allows players to explore Diadem’s paddle range at a minimal risk, covering only the cost of the restocking fee.

To initiate a return under either policy, individuals are instructed to follow this link: Once accepted, a return shipping label and detailed instructions will be provided. Items returned without prior authorization will not be accepted.

For any queries regarding returns, customers can reach out via email at

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Introducing the Diadem Edge 18k carbon fiber pickleball paddle, representing the pinnacle of innovation. Crafted with unmatched precision and incorporating cutting-edge technology, this paddle is meticulously engineered to propel players’ games to unprecedented heights.

At the heart of the Edge 18k paddle lies its groundbreaking surface material, showcasing revolutionary 3D 18k carbon fiber. This paddle revolutionizes gameplay dynamics by employing a unique triaxial weave with three interwoven yarns at 60-degree angles. Departing from conventional unidirectional raw carbon fiber paddles, the Diadem Edge 18k paddle’s advanced construction significantly enhances spin potential across all contact angles, delivering an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Players will revel in next-level control when wielding the Diadem Edge 18k paddle. Engineered for maneuverability with its 8.0oz weight and 16mm profile, this paddle ensures shots are executed with finesse and precision, seamlessly complementing individual playing styles to dominate the court with swift, calculated movements.

The Edge 18k paddle combines durability with sleek aesthetics by introducing the innovative Edge Shield Pro edge guard. Enhanced with an extra lip of high-density plastic on the corners, this edge guard protects against ground and paddle scrapes, ensuring prolonged durability without compromising style.

Prepare to captivate opponents and spectators alike with the distinctive 3D optics of the Diadem Edge 18k Pickleball Paddle. Whether a seasoned player or a newcomer to the sport, this paddle promises the ultimate fusion of control and spin, transforming every shot into a masterpiece and every rally into a showcase of skill and determination.

Distinguish yourself from competitors with the exclusive 3D-18k carbon fiber paddle face of the Diadem Edge 18k. In one succinct word, the Edge 18k can be aptly described as “better.”

Approved by USAPA for tournament play.

Diadem Edge 18K Standard Paddle Technical Specifications

Surface3D 18K Carbon Fiber
CorePolypropylene Honeycomb
Weight8.0 oz
Handle Length5.3″
Handle Circumference4.125″


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