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CRBN 1X 14mm Power Series


Introducing the CRBN Pickleball Power Series: an ideal solution for elite players seeking enhanced power. This high-performance pickleball paddle is meticulously designed with CRBN’s signature durable, textured carbon fiber face, delivering unparalleled power and pop. Every effort has been made to ensure this paddle stands out as the market’s premier choice for power-focused carbon fiber paddles. Its impeccable blend of durability, finesse, and strength empowers players to adopt a more aggressive stance.

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CRBN paddles, bags, and eyewear that are registered come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, covering against any manufacturer defects or issues in workmanship. The warranty period begins from the date of receipt. To be eligible for warranty services, registration of your paddle within the initial 14 days of purchase is required.

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The CRBN 1X Power Series 14mm paddle demonstrates its effortless performance. As a newcomer to the pickleball paddle family, CRBN introduces a Uni-Body (thermo-formed) design, noticeably enhancing stability, energy return, and durability. With an average weight of 8 oz. and an elongated 16.5-inch length, the 1X Power Series 14mm paddle offers manageable power and added stability. The 14mm Polypropylene Honeycomb insert boosts core-based power slightly more than the 16mm variant of the 1X Power Series without compromising comfort. Featuring a raw T700 Carbon Fiber surface, common to all Power Series paddles, it ensures control, shot shaping, spin, and a forgiving feel. Foam Injected Edge Walls around the core edges enhance the sweet spot and provide excellent vibration control. The 5.5-inch handle length offers ample room, and the 4.25-inch grip suits most hand sizes. Players seeking liveliness near the kitchen and potent power for volleys and groundstrokes will appreciate CRBN’s 1X Power Series 14mm paddle.

CRBN 1X Power Series Paddle Technical Specifications

SurfaceT700 Toray Carbon Fiber
CorePolypropylene Honeycomb
WeightApproximately 8.0 oz
Handle Circumference4.25″


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