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Bread & Butter Filth: Pickleball Paddle Review

Two bread & butter filth pickleball paddles with a psychedelic image in the background

The Filth is Bread & Butter’s flagship thermoformed elongated power paddle. Many serious pickleball players were skeptical when this first hit the market. Bread & Butter was known for great branding and hilarious marketing, not high-performance pickleball paddles. However, that changed immediately when players realized Bread & Butter hit a home run with the Filth. The Filth has earned a top spot alongside other Gen 2 thermoformed carbon fiber paddles like the CRBN 1x, Legacy Pro, Spartus Centurion, and the Speedup Ice

I’ve been looking forward to testing the Bread & Butter Filth and finally got my wish. I’ve tested it in my lab as well as on the court. I can say with certainty that it has lived up to the hype. Read on if you have an aggressive play style and want some extra power! 

Bread & Butter Filth Pickleball Paddle getting unboxed

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Bread & Butter Filth Review Summary

Bread & Butter has four lines of paddles: The Spear, The Drip, The Filth, and the Loco. The Spear and Drip are better suited for beginner and intermediate players. You can get more details and paddle specifications in our Bread & Butter Pickleball Paddles blog or read our Bread & Butter Loco Review if you want a hybrid-shaped thermoformed paddle. 

Now, on to the Filth! I used a muti-step process for evaluating and reviewing paddles. I started in my lab and measured static weight, swingweight, twistweight, balance point, length, and width. I could tell right away that the chances were high that I would like this paddle. Designed for aggressive, power players, it is thermoformed with a relatively high swingweight. 

Next, I drill with the paddle. My first impression was that the face was a little softer and more forgiving than I expected. It is firm but not as firm as the other paddles I’ve recently played. Serves and drives had a ton of power and felt great. 

After drilling, I’ll play a few hours of competitive play – usually against 4.0-4.5 players. The Filth held up well in some very competitive matches. One pleasant surprise was that the hand speed was quicker than expected based on swingweight. My speedups, counters, flicks, and put-aways were on point. 

Finally, I spent some time comparing it to other paddles. I usually have 8-10 in my bag at any given time. I tested the Filth against the Legacy Pro, Six Zero Ruby, CRBN, Spartus Gladius, and Speedup Ice 16mm. Aside from some extra spin from the Ruby, I found nothing lacking from the Filth. 

The Filth has instantly become a staple in my paddle rotation. And, the more I play it, the more I like it! 

The Filth at a Glance

Bread & Butter Pickleball Logo

Control: B+

Power: A

Spin: A

Forgiveness: B+

Value: A-

Bread & Butter Filth: Features

The Filth is well-made with everything you’d expect from a Gen 2 pickleball paddle. In addition to the thermoforming/unibody/foam-injection/T-700 raw carbon fiber, the design and extra space by the throat stood out. I’m a big fan of the longer handles and would like to see it more from paddle manufacturers. 

1. Unibody Construction

The Filth is made with all the high-quality ingredients you’d expect in a performance pickleball paddle. Its high-density polypropylene honeycomb core and T700 carbon fiber wrap have been assembled in a hot mold using unibody construction. In addition, the Filth has a foam-injected edge that runs around the perimeter of the paddle. The result is a more prominent sweet spot, power, and a durable pickleball paddle. 

2. Awesome Design

The pickleball paddle market is hyper-competitive, with features and performance becoming similar between manufacturers. When the competition heats up, there is a premium on good branding and marketing. A unique, trippy design won’t help you play better, but it may help with Bread & Butter’s market-share and longevity. 

3. Extra Grip Room

The USAPA limits the total length + total width of a pickleball paddle to 24″ (Rule 2.E.3). Paddle manufacturers constantly battle this restriction to get the most out of their design. Bread & Butter has done an excellent job of working around these limitations to offer a spacious grip. 

Like the Speedup Ice 16mm, they removed unnecessary material from the neck. Technically, the grip length measures 5.5″; however, you can squeeze an extra .5″ out of it. The Filth is often compared to the Legacy Pro in terms of power. Unfortunately, my hands feel cramped with the Legacy Pro’s 5.3″ handle and inefficient design. 

Bread & Butter Filth compared to the Legacy Pro pickleball paddle
The Bread & Butter Filth vs Legacy Pro

Bread & Butter Filth: Paddle Specifications

  • Price: $165.00 (save 15% with SIMPLYPB)
  • Thickness: 16mm 
  • Length: 16.5″
  • Width: 7.375″
  • Grip Length: 5.5″
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
  • Weight: 8oz*
  • Swing Weight: 121*
  • Twist Weight: 6.17*
  • Spin: 1850 RPM**
  • Balance Point: +11*
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Thermoformed: Yes
  • Unibody: Yes
  • Foam Edge Walls: Yes
  • Face: Course Peel-Ply Raw Carbon Fiber
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • USAP Approved: Yes

* Simply Pickleball test results.

** Pickleball Studio test results. 

Bread & Butter Filth: Performance

The Filth is a high-performance paddle, which met and exceeded my expectations. There were a few things that stood out during my testing and playing: 

1. The paddle feels relatively light compared to it’s swingweight and power. Normally a paddle with this much power feels a lot heavier. This has a lot to do with balance point, which I measured at +11 (1 3/8th of an inch towards the head from center). The balance point is closer to the actual center compared to other paddles I’ve tested, which come at +12 to +14 (1 1/2″+). 

2. It has a ton of spin. We’ll see how it holds up over time, but out of the box it’s on the higher end of the spectrum.  

This is a fun paddle to play and I don’t have anything bad to say. 

Control: B+

To some extent, control is a relative category, which is determined by the other paddle/s you’re used to playing. My last few sessions have been with the Speedup Ice, which has a firm face. Compared to that, the Filth felt softer and great with dinks and drops. I’ve had no trouble placing the ball in tight spots and my shots go where they’re intended. If I switched from a Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control, the Filth would probably feel more firm. 

However, the Filth leans towards a power paddle. A hybrid paddle would be a better choice if you’re looking for a control paddle. Check out the  Bread & Butter Loco or Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm.  

I’ve found the Bread & Butter Filth and Loco to stay in the middle of the pack and be above average in all categories. 

Power: A

I found the power in the Filth to be as good, if not better, than advertised. I have a powerful serve with a lot of spin and the Filth added even more power.  It feels great on drives, while also adding enough spin to easily drop the ball into the kitchen. The Legacy Pro may have a touch more power, but the Filth makes up for it in almost every other category. 

If you’re up against an opponent who’s playing a Filth, don’t get caught in the transition zone or hit a pop up. You will see, firsthand, the fury that the Filth can unleash. 

Spin: A

With a spin rating of 1850 RPM, the Filth falls in the high-spin rating category. I felt that it had plenty of spin for topspin, cut shots, back spin on dinks, flicks, and put-aways. I also happened to try out a Six Zero Ruby the same time I was testing the Filth. The Ruby has a lot of spin (A+ for sure), but the Filth wasn’t far behind. 

Pop: A

Pop? Check! Another category where I was pleasantly surprised. There is often a trade-off between power and pop. The Filth has a ton of pop for speed-ups, put-aways, counters, and other hard quick shots up at the kitchen line. 

Forgiveness: A

With a twistweight of 6.17, the Filth has an average sweet spot, similar to most elongated paddles. If you’re an intermediate or better player that hits close to the sweet spot most of the time, you’ll have no problem adjusting to the Filth. If you feel the sweet spot is to small, you can easily add lead tape to the throat or sides on the paddle. Alternatively, you can go with a hybrid control paddle. 

Value: A-

The Filth is not a value paddle, but it costs less than many other paddles in its class. It’s closest competitor, the CRBN 1x, costs about 1/3 more than the Filth.  The list price of the Filth is $165 and you can save 15% with discount code SIMPLYPB. 

Bread & Butter Filth pickleball paddle lying on a pickleball court

Bread & Butter Filth: Pros and Cons


  • Several colors to choose from
  • A ton of power
  • Ample sweet spot
  • Long handle (extra 1/2″ of room)
  • No lead tape needed
  • Good value


  •  The soft game takes getting used to if you’re used to a softer paddle face. 
  • Swingweight slightly reduces hand speed

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Available Colors

Bread & Butter The Filth Black on Black Pickleball Paddle
Black on Black
Bread & Butter The Filth Pickleball Paddle White on White
White on White
Bread & Butter Filth Pink Pickleball Paddle
Bread & Butter Filth: Black and Tan
Black on Tan

Bread & Butter Filth: Bottom Line

Bread & Butter is a solid company that pays attention to detail and stands behind its products. They have great options for all pickleball player skill levels, and the Filth has earned a spot for intermediate to elite players. If you like a powerful, thermoformed, elongated paddle, I recommend and endorse the Bread & Butter Filth! 

Simply Pickleball Interview with Bread & Butter CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bread & Butter's Return Policy?

For orders placed on concerning paddles, the website extends a 30-day ‘Love it or Return it’ policy. Should a customer feel dissatisfied with the paddle(s), they have the option to return it for a full refund, excluding shipping costs, without the necessity of providing explanations. The company reserves the right to inquire about the reasons for dissatisfaction, solely with the intent to improve the product, not to impede the return process.

Other items, such as balls, apparel, etc., must remain in new and unused condition to qualify for a return. To be eligible for a refund, these items must be returned within 30 days of the purchase.

Does Bread & Butter have a Warranty Beyond 30 Days?

If 30 days have passed since the purchase, Bread & Butter assumes that the customer is thoroughly enjoying their new paddles and achieving success on the courts. However, in the event of encountering any workmanship or manufacturing issues, Bread & Butter offers a warranty guaranteeing the paddles to be free of defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty remains valid for six months from the original purchase receipt within the United States and Canada. It’s crucial to note that the warranty applies exclusively to the initial purchaser and is non-transferable. Replacement paddles are not covered by this warranty.

The warranty becomes void under the following conditions:

  1. Normal wear and tear, damage resulting from improper usage, negligence, acts of nature, or accidents.
  2. Wear and fading of graphics.
  3. Usage in commercial applications or rentals.
  4. Modifications or repairs performed on the paddle.
  5. Purchasing from an unauthorized Bread & Butter dealer.
  6. Buying a paddle in a used condition.
  7. Not being the original purchaser.
  8. Winning the paddle through a promotion or competition.

Is the Filth a good beginner paddle?

Getting a powerful thermoformed paddle is not ideal or necessary for a beginner. I would recommend the Drip or Spear as your first paddle. 

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