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Bread & Butter Loco: Pickleball Paddle Review

Bread & Butter Loco Pickleball Paddle next to an aggressive bull

Last updated on January 6th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

The Loco is Bread & Butter’s first all-court hybrid-shaped paddle built for control, fast hands, and spin. As expected, it’s a high-performance thermoformed pickleball paddle constructed with a raw T-700 carbon fiber face and foam-injected edges. After hitting a home run with the Filth, Bread & Butter customers asked for a hybrid-shaped paddle catering to those with quicker hand speeds and a desire for more control. They delivered on their customer’s demand with the Loco, which prioritizes hand speed without compromising power and touch.

Doug at Bread & Butter was kind enough to send us a Loco, which we’ve played with, tested, and reviewed. After playing with the Loco, I would confidently recommend as an all-around solid game-improvement paddle for all player types. 

The Bread & Butter Loco pickleball paddle box comes with hot sauce and a message saying "mess with the bull get the horns"

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Bread & Butter Loco Review Summary

You don’t just get a pickleball paddle from Bread & Butter – you get an experience. The packaging for the Loco is awesome. Mine came with loco hot sauce (available while supplies last), stickers, and a well-designed box. 

The Loco is built for players who want to get up the kitchen line. It has moderate power for serves and baseline drives. However, when you move into the transition zone, you’ll see the Loco start to excel with soft, buttery resets and drops. 

Finally, after making your way to the kitchen line, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. The Loco is designed for fast hands, pop, and control in the non-volley zone. 

The Loco at a Glance

Bread & Butter Pickleball Logo

Control: A

Power: B

Spin: A

Forgiveness: A

Value: A-

Bread & Butter Loco: Features

The Bread & Butter Loco checks all the boxes you’d want in a high-performance carbon fiber pickleball paddle. It is thermoformed for power, has foam-injected edges for control, and a raw carbon fiber face for maximum spin. 

1. Course Peel-Ply Carbon Fiber Face

The roughness of the coarse peel-ply face adds a lot of spin. In fact, the Bread & Butter Loco is near the top of the spectrum in term of spin, which comes in over 1850 RPM. Advanced players won’t mind the trade-off between power and control when they see their serves quickly drop inside the baseline. 

2. Foam Injected Edges

Foam-injected edges add stability and eliminate vibration (good for pickleball or tennis elbow). The additional benefit is an expanded sweet spot, improving shot consistency on mishits.

3. Thermoformed

To make up for a low swingweight, thermoforming has been used in construction to help with durability and power. While the Loco isn’t considered a power paddle, it is thermoformed to give it pop and power on quick shots and put-aways near the baseline. 

Bread & Butter Loco: Paddle Specifications

  • Price: $165.00 (save 15% with SIMPLYPB)
  • Thickness: 16mm 
  • Length: 16.3″
  • Width: 7.7″
  • Grip Length: 5.3″
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
  • Weight: 7.7oz*
  • Swing Weight: 114*
  • Twist Weight: 6.24*
  • Spin: 1863 RPM**
  • Balance Point: +10*
  • Shape: Hybrid
  • Thermoformed: Yes
  • Unibody: Yes
  • Foam Edge Walls: Yes
  • Face: Course Peel-Ply Raw Carbon Fiber
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • USAP Approved: Yes

* Simply Pickleball test results.

* Pickleball Studio test results. 

Bread & Butter Loco Performance

The Bread & Butter Loco has everything I need in a high-performance hybrid-shaped paddle. 

I’m more of a finesse and control player, so I don’t need a heavy power paddle. The Loco has plenty of power for my serves and baseline drives. I can also add enough spin on my serves to place them right inside the baseline. 

I feel comfortable in the transition zone and can hit soft resets and quickly maneuver the paddle to grab low shots near my feet. 

The strength of my game is quick reflexes at the kitchen line. The Loco is a perfect companion, enabling me to hit precise dinks, flicks, speed-ups, and put-aways. 

The Bread & Butter Loco Pickleball Paddle with two bottles of hot sauce

Control: A

I would classify the Loco as an all-court paddle, though it leans to the control side compared to other paddles in that category. It has a light, crisp, plush feel you’d expect from your typical raw carbon fiber paddle. With a swingweight of 114 it feels very light and maneuverable. My placement with shots around the court has been impressive. 

Power: B

Every pickleball paddle has a tradeoff between power and control. The Loco is no different. It is a light paddle with a static weight of 7.7oz and a swingweight of 114. It has enough power for a player of all skill levels, but only a moderate amount compared to heavier power paddles. 

Pop: A-

I found the Loco to have more pop that most paddles. You can expect an extra power boost with speed-ups, punch volleys, flicks. and put aways. 

Spin: A

With a course peel-ply raw carbon face, the Loco generates a ton of spin. Great for serves, cut shots, third shot drops, and roll-volleys. 

Forgiveness: A

With a 7.7 inch width and edge foam injections, the Loco has a large sweet spot. With twistweight leaning towards a more forgiving paddle, you find that your mishits won’t be too far off. 

Value: A-

I wouldn’t consider the Bread & Butter Loco a value paddle, but you get a lot for your money. And it comes in cheaper than it’s direct competitor, the 6.0 Double Black Diamond Control paddle. Use SIMPLYPB for a generous discount of 15%. 

A brand new Bread and butter loco pickleball paddle

Bread & Butter Loco: Pros and Cons


  • The low swingweight helps with fast-hands and maneuverability 
  • High spin rating
  • Stable, excellent forgiveness, reduced vibrations
  • Excellent pop for quick shots at kitchen line
  • A reasonable price point for a high-performance paddle


  • 16mm only, no 14mm option
  • Moderate power on serves and from baseline
  • It is not suited for power players who like heavier elongated paddles 

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Bread & Butter Loco: Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a lightweight hybrid pickleball paddle, you can’t go wrong with the Loco. It can take a few sessions to get used to it, especially if you’re coming from a heavier elongated paddle. Once you reach the kitchen line, sit back and let the Loco go to work. Expect to see precise shots, controlled dinks, and plenty of pop for speed-ups and put-aways. I hope this review helps and happy dinking! 

Simply Pickleball Interview with Bread & Butter CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bread & Butter's Return Policy?

For orders made on for paddles, a 30-day “Love it or Return it” policy is extended. In case of dissatisfaction with the paddle(s), the customer can return it for a full refund, excluding shipping costs, without any obligatory explanations. The company might inquire about the reasons for the dissatisfaction, solely aiming to enhance the product, not to hinder the return process.

Other items, such as balls, apparel, etc., must remain in new and unused condition to be eligible for a return. To qualify for a refund, these items must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Does Bread & Butter have a Warranty Beyond 30 Days?

If 30 days have elapsed since the purchase, Bread & Butter assumes the customer thoroughly enjoys their new paddles and excels on the courts. However, if you encounter any workmanship or manufacturing issues, Bread & Butter provides a warranty, ensuring the paddles are devoid of defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty remains valid for six months from receiving the original purchase within the United States and Canada. It is important to note that the warranty is non-transferable and exclusively applicable to the initial purchaser. This warranty does not cover replacement paddles.

Voiding conditions for this warranty include:

  1. Normal wear and tear, damage due to improper usage, negligence, acts of nature, or accidents.
  2. Wear and fading of graphics.
  3. Usage in commercial applications or rentals.
  4. Modifications or repairs were conducted on the paddle.
  5. Purchasing from a non-authorized Bread & Butter dealer.
  6. Buying a paddle in a used condition.
  7. Not being the original purchaser.
  8. Winning the paddle through a promotion or competition.

What is the difference between the Filth and Loco?

The Filth and Loco are very different paddles designed for different play styles. The Filth is a heavier elongated paddle designed for power from serves and drives. The Loco is a much lighter paddle built for control, spin, and precision. Not sure which one to get? Get both!  

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