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PickleCon: The World’s Largest Pickleball Event

Last updated on September 7th, 2023 at 01:58 am

The Simply Pickleball Podcast with PickleCon's CEO Keri King, Pickleball Director, and Alyssa Morrison, Pickleball Director

Have you heard of PickleCon? Join Triple Crown Sports CEO Keri King, Pickleball Director, and Alyssa Morrison, Pickleball Director, to explain the details of the largest pickleball event planned in Kansas City, Missouri, in August 2024. 

Keri King shares his father’s vision for Triple Crown when he founded it in the 80s and his transition to leading the company and becoming CEO. Alyssa shares details about PickleCon planning, including tournament play, vendor booths, food, local tours, and more! Click here for more information on PickleCon. 


Introduction with Keri King and Alyssa Morrison


hi I’m Crystal Brown your host and you may have heard of Triple Crown Sports as one of the largest amateur college and


youth sport organizer maybe in the areas of volleyball softball or fast pitch baseball but did you know that they’re


organizing the same fund for pickleball called picklecon CEO Carrie King and


pickleball director Elisa Morrison join us today to tell us all about picklecon it’s a huge convention in Kansas City


next year so keep listening to hear all the details now to the show Welcome to


Simply pickleball the podcast where we discuss all things pickleball the fastest growing sport in America and


around the world we are interviewing the founders industry leaders athletes lovers of the sport that are driving the


spectacular growth if you love pickleball as much as we do listen in okay so I’m so excited to be speaking


today with Carrie King and Elisa Morrison from Triple Crown Sports and we get to hear about all things took a ball


before we get started on that um Carrie I hope you can give us a little bit of a background on Triple


Crown Sports and how it came to be I know that it’s a family business and I know that it was started by your father


but it would be really interesting to hear about you know why this business is in particular interested in pickleball


when we get there but first why it started to begin with yeah very good I’ll definitely start out so in 1982 so


roughly 41 years ago my father and mother were playing in a slow pitch softball tournament so this is adults at


the time not not a youth event and they were disenchanted by the level of organization and the awards the lack of


officials there was a lot of issues they took that right to the event director and he basically told them if you think


you can do it better go do it on your own so then that was the challenge to start the very first ever event in 82


and that event was the idea that my mom Annette King and my father Dave King had


was to create an event that was very memorable and something that had all of the bells and whistles so it wasn’t just


the games but it was social activities it was uh great awards ceremony maybe uh


pro athletes all these different elements that would enhance the game of softball to make for an experience that


was out of this world and that was the original vision of Triple Crown and then


in 1987 it became a company and so it was just on the side for the first five years from 83 through 87 and then it


really focused on expanding the slow pitch softball footprint and zoom all


the way to today in 2023 we now have no slow pitch softball events and we are in


youth baseball youth girls fast pitch softball youth volleyball college


basketball and soon to be pickleball and this will have a pro and amateur element


and all kinds of different aspects to it and it really encompasses that original Insight that Dave and Annette had at 82


to create Granger and joy and memories inside of the event itself and the


format is designed uniquely to where it can bring memories learning Hospitality


to the Forefront so it meets our purpose of why our Triple Crown Sports


organization exists it also meets the mission of what we do which is the the creation of high quality events and so


it’s very exciting that we’re entry pickleball it’s gathered a lot of momentum uh in a very short period of


time and I think Alyssa’s email inbox warrants that I’ve never seen so much


activity and that as being an analyst going to pickleball director it’s a lot


different now because a lot of people want to know more about what exactly are we building what do you think your


parents felt was missing exactly I mean if you could be specific is it because


there was that I imagine at the time there’s Major League Sports so we can move that out aside for a minute even


though we might talk about Major League uh pickleball and then there’s Collegiate pickleball that’s coming


Collegiate sports but there was and there’s youth sports but somehow you’re it sounds like they had they had a


division of somewhere in between where maybe it’s amateurs don’t have a place to compete and have fun they felt like

Vision of Triple Crown Sports


there was is that what they were looking at that was missing yeah you really had a ditch Market that wasn’t being served


a high quality product and so what was there what were tournaments that were


very Loosely organized so instead of the schedule being posted a week in advance or a month in advance it was you know


posted as you walked into the facility instead of having the facility maintained which in the slow pitch


softball world would look like a infield that has been groomed so it’s flat instead of a bunch of undulations on the


infield and Hawk lines that are actually painted in an outfield fence actually


having an official behind the home plate and one of the bases and then when the event


um is being played the teams are segmented properly meaning the teams that are good are playing against each


other the entire time the teams that are in the middle and the teams that are mediocre they’re bunched and segmented


together nobody was doing those kind of things for the amateur Marketplace and so uh with the event finished there was


a the awards were there on site there was an awards presentation and it put a


bow on the event leaving uh great memories along the way whether it was some of the social events that happened


at night there was a not quite a a runway model show but if you can imagine


a slow pitch softball uniform okay now now you put that softball player on top of the the bar okay and have them walk


up and down the bar and auction off for St Jude’s Children Hospital their Jersey


so the person would come away with the jersey and the money would go to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital that was a


fun way to celebrate softball raise money for a charity and also create a social environment that left lasting


memories and so when when we would produce events early on and really throughout the time frame it also the


events were produced in destinations that were engaging for the family so places like Stevo Springs Colorado is a


ski resort community and in the summertime it has lots of horseback riding fishing and it’s a beautiful cool


weather setting those were the initial building blocks is to build those kind of Highly organized events around social


and high high quality ingredients in settings that generated an expansive


place for your children to be at or maybe your parents would come watch you even if they were older parents they


would be with the the grandkids at the time yeah to the river uh you know we did so many different we call them spin


events and another way to look at that is if you were to go to a typical hamburger joint you have very limited uh


options at McDonald’s of what you could do you can put the ketchup the mustard maybe some pickles right and cheese but


if you go to a place like a Smash Burger you could put peanut butter and bacon strawberries jam and and you can layer


the burger to where you’d like it and so Triple Crown is well known now for being


that option where you could layer your experience unlike our competitor events that


typically produce the standard issue hamburger or that hamburger joint that has the layers the special ingredients


and the atmosphere the high quality service to where you walk away saying I’ll go back there again oh that’s


awesome so it’s it’s really event planning around Sports and you know combining those two and which is awesome


because it’s you know healthy I don’t know about the peanut butter on hamburger part but


um so Elise Alyssa tell me about your inbox so you said off camera you said

Decision to Create Pickleball Event


that your inbox is completely full um and you know what did Carrie come to


you and say like start some research like how did this start over at Triple Crown because there’s a lot of other sports you guys could have gone into you


decided to go into pickleball you know someone must have had a clue yeah so it was Carrie um that came to me in 2018


and I had done research on a few other sports um a few that I was like yeah we can


continue research and a few that I said no this doesn’t seem like a good fit for us


um and so he came to me and it actually as senior pickleball and so that was


what it was at the time and I went to a few events I did some research I was like it’s a little more than senior pickleball it’s just research pickleball


as a whole and so I researched it for probably a little less than a year and then got our CEO involved and said


okay I think there’s some something here there’s good momentum it matches our values I think there’s a niche that we


can provide something new to the sport something different that there is not already out there and so he got involved


how we went to carry with it and he’s like yep keep going with it and so I had some resources and we’re planning on


getting into it I’ve had someone hired and had an event kind of scoped out for 2020 and then as we all know covet hit


and some as an events company had to navigate that as everyone else did and so kind of


pickleball to go back burner like didn’t think about it we’re like hey we’re just putting the quash on this we’ll revisit


it so after we got through covid um stayed alive as a company


um and then probably about the past year have been researching it again and I’m


glad that Carrie had the foresight he did to start research in 2018 because it’s very different right if


anyone has been around for six years Piqua has grown tremendously but it’s also changed tremendously which is like


the number of players the number of tournaments that we provided the number of tournament providers and people and


money in the game um is just crazy and so it’s been really great to see it from


the beginning and then be able to change our vision for what’s now needed um in the sport because it’s very


different than what we originally thought was needed back in 2020. yeah and I and I want to I want to double


click on that and and get into that and I think so so Carrie when when she came to you or or the CEO whoever came to you


and said we want to look into pickleball what were your first thoughts have you have you had you played pickleball had


you heard of pickleball yeah I dabbled at playing pickleball at the time and I


realized that um different age individuals could compete against each other at the same


time and some of the the what’s called youthful abilities in sport where as you


you know age over time you can’t do as much they were somewhat eliminated out there um there were people that were


older to be that were way faster somehow and they were able to get around the court with no issues and I I saw that


the sport could be expanded into you know multiple different ages and like Alyssa noted it wasn’t really just for


seniors in fact it was a lot of fun for somebody that uh likes to downhill mountain bike and snowmobile uh I’m a


civil Bill Hill Climb Racer as well and I like high-speed things and this right


there is is one of these sports that you know satisfies the connection with others uh but you still have this


opportunity and this is something that I talk about a lot but you still have an opportunity to create losing and I think


if you could create maybe for loss it builds the character for when real loss


happens in life and so it’s a practice ground in a game setting to learn how to


lose and pick yourself back up again and so any kind of way we can create competition so that we can learn to be


resilient in the face of adversity because our life is chock full of adversity and it’s not losing a


pickleball Magic’s losing our mother or our father or God forbid a young child


and these are the things that really help to build character help to build resilience in people and so if we can


create fun memories around Sport and segment people to where they’re playing the right opponents or the fun opponents


or the best opponents and we can create this atmosphere where people can walk away and say I can’t wait to come back


yeah that’s so interesting um was that part of your mission by the way just around resiliency and and


around it’s interesting the way you just gave perspective on lost I think it’s


absolutely true uh to to help throughout life I think Sports has has a lot of


threads a lot of them it’s not just about winning it’s about losing it’s about training it’s motivation discipline you know there’s so many


elements that you learn that you can apply to different parts of your life but curious if that was part of triple Crown’s Mission from the beginning or or


maybe you’ve added that no I probably added more of that I love to see losers

Lessons Learned from Losing


kind of attitude and I mean it’s just this straight up truth there’s room for one winner and everybody else loses and


so how do you keep attracting people to come back when they don’t ever win well there’s a lot of ways to do that and so


um you know at the end of the day I probably was that athlete that did not


achieve the greatest results whether I played college baseball I’ve been at


snowmobile Hill Climb Racer and I’ve always been quite mediocre I I lose often and I still keep coming back and I


I get that hit feeling in my stomach of I let myself down or I’ve let my teammates down and for that I get to


generate the resilient moment so I can manufacture the ability to handle bigger


issues that come up later and I and I know this to be true when looking at different kinds of you know very


difficult suicide rates with teenagers and young adults those that play sport


worked in to be less likely to commit suicide and so I just know our what we


naturally create which is these tournaments they generate a ton of opportunity for failure adversity making


mistakes and losing and for that we give lifelong blessed cities young players


usually but a senior can have the same kind of lesson late in life too and and


still face difficulty pick themselves back up or outperform their expectations


and those those things were great about sport yeah one of the best things about it and so we’ll keep coming back to


different sports over the course of time I think you’ll see us enter uh more Sports in the future and really try to


create the number one number two or number three event in the country so that Triple Crowns known for the best of


the best events when they come to produce the event in the sport that I love we know it’s going to be an amazing


experience well that’s different we’re exciting I want to get to the the event you are planning already and at


picklecon I definitely want to talk about that and when you guys thought about like how do we put together an event maybe let’s say you can share some

PickleCon 2024


of the the ideas you wanted to make sure happen during this event so like I said it kind of evolved over the years of


researching it so um starters just like computer research behind the scenes of who are the top players with sanctioning


bodies what does it look like what are price entry barriers things like that


um Geographic places like hotbeds and then went to events and talked with


players talked to that everyday players talked with Pro a lot of pro players and so at the time they weren’t making a


living doing it they were subsidizing their living doing some camps and Clinics so we were like hey how can we


help you guys make um a living well now they a lot of them are making more money with tournaments


and so kind of lost that and then talked to tournament providers and a lot of Brands and like what are you guys seeing


and so we’ve still continued that so although our vision has changed because like you said there’s a tournament every


weekend now so if you want to go play you have opportunities to play Pros they have opportunities to get money brands


are popping up a lot more brands are coming but like I said there’s just a lot of different companies in pickleball


right now and not one person bringing them all together and so our CEO Sean Hardy he


started our volleyball division kind of the same way a very collaborative approach of asking what’s missing asking


what has worked in the past um what they want to see what they don’t want to see and so that’s really what


we’ve done is just talked with a ton of people from Pros the brands to Everyday players and tournament providers and


seeing what’s in the sport is working and why change what’s already working


but what also what’s missing and so I’ve noticed a lot of Brands aren’t allowed at specific tournaments because they


only have their four paddle brands that are allowed there and Pros can only play


in certain events because it’s on their pro circuit but there’s also a need for like people to just Network and talk


talk with people and there’s a bit large community in so the local communities are really strong but how can that


Community meet a community from across the country and be able to play and be a


mixer and be like oh we like obviously the same thing in pickleball but we also have these other initiatives and how can


we line up club or tournament providers with different facilities from across the


country and so just finding that need of what we’ve seen in our other sports has has worked


what felt we felt like was missing in pickleball and then just the idea of


just bringing everyone together like that’s the point of pickleball like that’s why it was started it’s just that community that left for the game being


close to someone and so that’s really where Vision kind of grew sounds like kind of tying a bow around the whole


thing because it it has a lot of different tentacles right now and I think you’re right there’s a ton of new


brands we interviewed um a Paddle Company that right now


um doesn’t even sell on Amazon I mean just direct a great Paddle Company and we we’re taught I mean I feel like


there’s more and more Brands and there there needs to be right like we want the cream to rise to the the top and people


you know you might buy one tennis racket every 10 years but in pickleball it seems like if we’re open this black one


every other month so Carrie what I don’t know how involved you are in planning pickle con but um how have you sort of


seen this sport influence what you guys are doing day to day at Triple Crown is it starting to grow in terms of


attention and time yeah it’s making all of our you know company-wide goals it’s

Triple Crown’s Increasing Focus on Pickleball


you know got attention with human resources outside of Alyssa which in


this case is in the in the operation side we’re talking to you about pickleball but we also have a marketing


department find finance department and technology and each of our main departments are you know building


various aspects to fit the needs of what is being created and really like Alyssa


said what’s being created is a product of what the marketplace has told us to


create and for that we didn’t have and we currently do not have all of the aspects created that the market wants


and so we have to design our e-commerce solution to do different things the way the website


showcases tournaments versus camps and Clinics social activities and so our


marketing department has launched several different teaser campaigns in in


collaboration with uh different uh suppliers of pickleball equipment to


event coordination uh companies and we’ve really networked this event it’s


like a Triple Crown 5.0 I’ve never seen us come together as a company to infuse


the markets insights and create an event that’s entirely built by the market not


simply by the smart Personnel that work at Triple Crown but really


um like the railroad car coming from a great distance away if you get your ear on the track you can hear it or before


it even makes a sound and so Alyssa has done really good research too uh and


Sean Hardy to really listen for what’s supposed to be built well before its


time and so I’m very excited to see what they’ve done from an internal perspective to get people that work


there excited about pickleball and then you know the local market in Kansas City


the millions of Impressions that were happen on news outlets and radio


stations uh you may be talking to us generated from some of these more activity uh you know it’s it’s just


amazing how quickly uh this event picklecon has gained attention from you


know local media sources to to National media sources and then it’ll be probably


one of the largest most diverse Statewide event ever created at Triple


Crown in its immediacy and it may be the the most diverse pickleball event in 2024 that they’re eat that there is so


it’s very exciting it’s getting a ton of attention on our three-year plan one-year plans who’s doing this job that


job when do we hire this person all this stuff is happening right now that’s awesome I mean I think you you


highlighted a couple things that I just want to underline you know which is it is an incredibly incredibly diverse


group of people that play from age to socioeconomic background to location


geography and I think that’s what’s really exciting about it and what I personally like about it also I I was a


competitive athlete in college and since then have not really wanted to compete I’m I have tons of friends that say you


should do a triathlon you can swim you can run and I don’t care about it and now that I play play Pickleball all I


want to do is compete every day and so and and part of that is because it’s so much fun to compete and it’s you know


short games you can compete in in all different formats um and I also just and again kind of


underlining that it’s one of the only Sports where men and women compete against each other pretty fairly I mean


there there are a few other sports like that but not a lot so I think that diversity you are expecting at picklecon


you will get we’re sure based on what I’ve seen so you know just sort of


diving into picklecon a little bit um what you know maybe we can talk about what what we should expect and and who’s

What to Expect at PickleCon


gonna go and and you know what’s your vision so far right people console has all the convention aspects


um so it’s 400 000 square feet of Convention Center space wide open we’ll put down right now it’s backed out to


hold a hundred courts um that’ll change as we get going with multiple tournament providers so that


we’ll have a lot of different people running their own tournaments inside our event so again give that diversity of


opportunities and options for type of product that you want to be seen there um multiple camps and Clinics so having


pros come in teaching clinics having destination camps doing a mini camp there having other provider Camp


providers come in and showcase their product and then a ton of vendor space available with courts inside vendor


Village to do demo so you can demo paddles and you can do pro-ams and


different like activations at the booths um and then just the inside of panel


discussions and educational breakout sessions so there’s new technology popping up everywhere so how can we


um advertise and explain those and get people in front of a wider audience and


then a lot of people are wanting to get into refereeing and figure out it was a whole process he learned that there’s an


entire process I was like oh we can just get referee certified at our event um no


it’s not that simple a lengthy lengthy process so how can we educate people on


what is that process and then maybe start the um process of getting certified and


we’ll have tons of games going on and so they need practice games so go upstairs and practice all weekend and get all


your games in and have someone watch you while you’re doing that um and so it really is just kind of


bringing together that convention side of the education and community and networking but also pickleballers they


want to play they want to play so providing a ton of Courts just opportunity to play in tournaments playing camps and Clinics and then also


there’ll be just a lot of open Play courts that you can reserve or just go drop in like couple Brown robins have a


mixer meet some new people some activities outside of it partner with a local group that


um I do a tour bus type situation of picking people up and taking people around Kansas City and seeing all the


pickleball places along with maybe some barbecue places and things like that that make Kansas City Kansas City and so


really just creating an event that has something for everyone but also pulling


in Kansas City and saying come to the city as a whole make a family vacation


out of it make a girls trip guys trip whatever you want out of it where our event is awesome but you also have some


really cool memories and experiences outside of the event as well oh wow I’m so excited already you you know you both

Pickleball Technology


mentioned technology and Carrie maybe you know you said that there’s been some technology changes within and I I I


don’t know if if you’re planning on building anything that’s specific to pickleball I know there’s a lot of


missing pieces right so there’s what duper is putting together and some of the other rating system technology


that’s kind of missing there’s you know where to to play and and you know not


just on a map but like more specifically it changes there’s technology around building courts and so I’m just curious


Carrie if you guys are jumping into any part of that or maybe you already have no I think those organizations that you


just discussed are more equipped to do that kind of uh technology development the technology that we’re talking about


is just more how to like generate ease of use to get into the event to find


your schedule to understand what camps and Clinics fit your needs to filter and


search there there is you know maybe 50 different offerings and it’s not our typical event where everybody goes


through the same conduit sides up and then it’s it’s cut and dry there’s like a one point of entry and and that’s all


you have to do well this is like an A La Carte you know purchase where not any


person is going to buy the same one two seven things and so that is a different


way to to Showcase whatever our offering is and so that’s the technology that we


have to design just to make ease of use now a Triple Crown did start a uh


business during the pandemic it was poor timing uh we didn’t know about the pandemic but we started a data and


analytics company called CSE and that is a technology company that measures the


objective measurements surrounding athletes movements or speed in which they travel through time the way the


speed that the ball exits the bat or their hand or the you know this is done


in baseball and softball right now the CSE brand measures athletes as they perform their


Sport and then gives them those objective measurements back combined with the subjective human evaluation


unlike swimming where 100 meters done in a specific time period is good bad or


ugly baseball has a lot of subjective eye tests they call where a athlete you


know uses their hands appropriately to feel the ground ball or to come through


the zone and those things are uh somebody that knows the sport can can


offer a decent rating of how they’re doing to would they move their feet round or their attitude is you know a


characteristic of you know performance if things get tough are they going to be


resilient enough and so a lot of coaches still want that in baseball and softball and I’m imagining that pickleball may be


a great source for some of these objective criteria especially for the Pros to know how fast did that shot just


come through you know or what you know angle is the um is the ball coming uh at to for the


most ideal Precision shot and who’s doing that the most consistently on the pro level those kind of things CSE could


play a role in as it evaluates that would not be something this will be happy we’re not going to do that this


coming year we’ve already got enough on our plate to start this event right however there’s


an opportunity here for an amateur athlete to see how fast if they want to get better you you’ve got to be able to


move from this side of the court to that side of the court in this amount of time and that’s consider getting better or


good and if I can hit it this fast or react to a ball within this amount of


time frame those are all things that CSE could inject into the technology side in


the future um and so that would be some of the technology play that triple crown could provide down the road vote for the sport


as it continues to grow that’s really interesting I’m glad you brought that up I I’ve often thought I have a tech


background and I’m in San Francisco so forgive me but that is where my brain goes and I’ve often thought that you


know from a rating standpoint why couldn’t we have you know our phone record us and then it feeds into some


database that gives information back so that at least again like when you’re asked are you a 3-0 player a 3-5 a 4-0


that you have something more specific than guessing which is happening for a


lot of amateur players um and so I think there’s definitely room for that and and I also think that


most pickleball players always are striving to get better they it not just


like maybe if you’re a runner you want to get faster but with with pickleball they want to to be more strategic and


they want to know which shots and shot construction and they’re constantly learning such an appetite and I think by


giving some feedback like this program probably could it would really help a


lot of players so I think there’s definitely a need in pickleball and even the change to Rally scoring


um I know I know the pros are now using rally scoring more the um but amateurs


have are still using the traditional scoring and so you know every Point matters it’s not


you know and so even like you said I’m I’m I’m not okay with losing but I it’s


okay I know that I’m not the best pickleball player yet but I do always want to win every point so if so as soon


as I lose a point I’m back how can I win the next point and I think again like if you get feedback around how you how you


play or what you’re striving to do it’s really important so I think your insights there are very good


um I guess but let’s say you’ll have your work cut out for you next year


well uh so when is maybe you can just give specifics so anyone who’s listening can


make sure that they check out the event um and and I’ll have some links in the show notes but


um so make sure everybody subscribes to this so they can hear more because we’ll probably talk closer to the event again but uh where can they find out more


about the event yeah so the event will be August 8th through 11th 2024 at the Kansas City Convention Center barter

When is PickleCon?


Hall and we have a websites you can see it via or just go


straight to it at so we’ll have all the information up there as we release it all of our partners that


we’re talking to inside the pickleball world as well as ways to get involved like we said we have a very collaborative approach so there’s a get


involved tab of do you want to be a vendor do you want to run a tournament or just do you have brands that you want


to see there that maybe we haven’t talked to yet so um gives us an idea of what to who to reach out to and continue building that


event with with the public and with people so Carrie do you think that your dad would be is is he interested in


pickleball himself would he be excited that you’re going into pickleball and see like look any event is fun what’s


busy you know he’s very excited he’s still like is in the office oh listen to


this I mean we walk by his room every day we go to the office and he’s still


in there with like grease boards and he’s coming up with different ideas he’s the one that generated the CSE company


with data and analytics um and that was born after he uh passed the CEO transition from himself to me in


2017 with that space he you know had time to think and he thought well I’ve


been developing players my whole life he’s been a coach for over 45 years and he transitions them from the amateur


field into Collegiate and all the athletes the girls softball players end up playing college somewhere it’s just


will they say that at that uh College will they be happy will they get playing time will they exceed will they be a


role player will they sit the bench that’s where you know his head goes is how can you get the development for the


athlete and so I’m very treat when you said pickleball players are always wanting to get better and I love that


because I think that it gives a lot of opportunity for Triple Crown because we are good at giving feedback whether it’s


through the segmentation uh hey if you get better you’ll be in the we call them power pools or you know you you can earn


your way to play with the elite customers and so my dad is very in Innovative he’s inventive and you know


he has heard the way in which we put all the the disparate tournament providers


together and all the brands and he’s like super excited how we know he looks


at this as like a brand new way to enter a market and he’s very excited with the


the talent that we have on it Alyssa and Sean as well as where it’s pointed so it looks like he’s very delighted with


what’s happened when you were growing up did you see yourself becoming the CEO of

Culture of Triple Crown Sports


the company or no sort of what he’s going to do and you’re gonna yeah


snowmobiles yeah I was not going to work at the family company I was you know I


didn’t know where I would be but it was not at triple crown and really what got me to stay in 2003 four and five was


being in the office and being around the culture and it’s a culture of respect


Family First and work ethic and so if we know that those Associates that Excel


the most at Triple Crown prioritize their families before work and the work


will get done and so we have this culture where we’re respectful of each other we can have our families come into


the office we can leave the office to go to um weddings funerals school plays


sporting events it’s encouraged to be a coach in the community and give back to


Young athletes and I think it’s it’s actually speaks to what most people


when they leave work if they work around people who have similar values and and priorities they are happy and if they


feel celebrated and you know they’re because we’re human we’re not just robots although sometimes when you’re


driving around San Francisco and you see self-driving cars you’re like wow this is really going in a different direction


but you know for the rest of us that are still going to work um in in the traditional sense I think


that means a lot I’m really excited I would love to to plan to check back in before picklecon is is happening so we



can learn more about the specifics and I’m so glad to hear and learn more about Triple Crown as a company and and your


mission and so I really appreciate your time today and again I’ll put everything in the show notes but I hope everyone


can you register already or is there just information now hopefully at the beginning of the year we’ll start


putting some gate passes on sale and then a little later in the spring we’ll


get some of the camps and tournaments up and going awesome so hopefully people listening can reach out and make your


inbox even more full [Laughter] awesome well you guys both thank you so


much good luck to both of you and really really interesting um conversation about triple crown and


picklecon so thanks okay hey guys thanks for listening to


Simply pick a ball we will be back very soon with great interviews discussions and more all about pickleball don’t


forget to subscribe to our channels on YouTube Twitter Instagram or any of your favorite podcasting Outlet until next


time happy thinking


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