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PCKL Pickleballs: Durable Pickleballs for Every Player

Many different colored PCKL pickleballs floating through space

Last updated on January 7th, 2024 at 12:07 am

Designing and manufacturing the perfect pickleball (or pickleball ball) is very difficult. If you play pickleball indoors and outdoors in different temperatures, you know there is no universal pickleball. Some are too soft, some are too hard, and some are hard to see in different lighting. The folks at PCKL understand this dilemma and have created multiple PCKL pickleballs for different player types in varying conditions. 

Check out our Simply Pickleball Podcast interview with PCKL CEO Mike Gottfried! 

PCKL pickleballs are designed to overcome the following issues:

  1. Durability: Unfortunately, pickleballs have a very short lifespan. You’ll often see cracking near the holes or shedding of the outer layer of plastic. If you’re playing with a carbon fiber paddle, the plastic particles can quickly become embedded and require frequent paddle cleaning. A common trend with the entire PCKL pickleball line is their durability. They tend to go longer before cracking and don’t shed as much as comparable pickleballs. 
  2. Responsiveness: PCKL pickleballs are known for their responsive bounce for indoor and outdoor pickleballs.  
  3. Visibility: Every line of PCKL is made with visibility in mind. The high-end PCKL Elite 40 is vibrant neon, making it easier to see. The indoor and outdoor optic PCKL pickleballs come in various colors, enabling you to contrast with your court surface. 
  4. Training: PCKL is one of the few pickleball manufacturers focused on training balls.  The PCKL DuoTone training ball is two-toned, allowing you to get instant feedback on your spin
  5. Playing in cold weather: I have played pickleball in cold, medium, and hot temperatures. Various pickleballs are made for different temperatures. PCKL pickleballs perform best in colder environments. In the future, I’m sure they’ll add pickleballs better suited to warmer climates. But, for now, I prefer to use them when it’s colder than 60 degrees. 

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Which PCKL pickleball is right for you?

Each of the four types of PCKL pickleball balls has distinct features for different types of players under varying playing conditions. We suggest you try different pickleballs until you find the right one. Below is a guide to help you get started. 

The PCKL Elite 40 for competitive play:

PCKL Elite 40 Pickleball Balls | Tournament and Competition Pickleball
$13.99 $11.99

RAPID-RESPONSE PICKLEBALLS: Boasting 40 precisely spaced, precision-drilled holes for consistent play and flight under all conditions.

EXTENDED DURABILITY: Engineered for lasting performance with a seamless, one-piece construction and an exclusive blend of materials that minimizes cracking, particularly in cold temperatures, surpassing competitors.

QUICKER REACTION TIMES: The vibrant neon color ensures high visibility and easy tracking, allowing you to keep a close eye on the ball.

TOURNAMENT-READY: Elite 40 is optimally designed for intense tournament play, meeting USA Pickleball approved specifications: 74mm in size and 26 grams in weight.

OFFICIAL BALL: Recognized as the official pickleball of the Amateur Pickleball Association and the Southern Pickleball Association.

Weight: 0.918 ounces

Diameter: 74mm

Holes: 40 precision drilled holes

  • Designed for tournament and competitive play
  • Outdoor-rated
  • USA Pickleball approved
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Takes longer to crack compared to similar pickleballs
  • Rated for cold weather
  • Bright color makes them easy to see
  • Prone to warping
  • Softer than several other leading tournament pickleballs
  • Dura Fast 40 is a better pickleball for playing in the heat
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07/18/2024 04:12 pm GMT

The PCKL Optic Speed Indoor pickleball for indoor play:

PCKL Optic Speed Indoor Pickleball Balls
$14.99 $8.99

OPTIMIZED FOR INDOOR COURTS: PCKL Optic indoor balls are specifically crafted for indoor play, featuring 26 precision-molded for outstanding balance and consistent spin.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from enduring, premium materials that perform well in all temperatures. The Optic balls are also precision-seam welded to maintain their round shape even after intense hits.

ENHANCED REACTION TIME: Optic Pickleballs, with their vibrant, easily trackable colors, can enhance your reaction time. Choose the color that suits your court or personal style.

COMPLYING WITH USA PICKLEBALL (USAPA) STANDARDS: These balls are built to the specifications of the USA Pickleball (USAPA) for indoor tournament play, measuring 74mm in size and weighing 26 grams.

Weight: 26 grams

Diameter: 74mm

Holes: 26 precision-molded holes designed for indoor play

  • Extremely durable
  • Responsive bounce
  • Vibrant colors increase visibility
  • USAPA approved for tournament play
  • Good for all temperatures
  • Choice of colors
  • Darker colors can be harder to track
  • Like most pickleballs, they are prone to cracking
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07/18/2024 04:13 pm GMT

The PCKL Optic Speed Outdoor pickleball for hybrid play:

PCKL Optic Speed Outdoor Pickleball Balls
$14.99 $8.99

PREPARED FOR OUTDOOR COURTS: PCKL Optic outdoor balls are designed for outdoor play, featuring 40 precision molded for excellent balance and consistent spin.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-quality, enduring materials that perform well in all temperatures. The Optic balls are also precision-seam welded to maintain their round shape even after intense hits.

ENHANCED REACTION TIME: Optic Pickleballs, with their vibrant, easily trackable colors, can enhance your reaction time. Choose the color that suits your court or personal style.

MEETING USA PICKLEBALL (USAPA) STANDARDS: These balls are built to the USA Pickleball (USAPA) specifications for outdoor tournament play, measuring 74mm in size and weighing 25 grams.

  • Good for cold weather play
  • Durable
  • Choice of colors
  • Hybrid ball for indoor and outdoor play
  • Can lose shape quickly in warmer temperatures
  • Softer than a typical outdoor pickleball
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07/18/2024 03:28 pm GMT

The PCKL DuoTone for pickleball training and drills:

PCKL DuoTone Training Pickleballs
$14.99 $8.99

Incorporating spin into your shots is a great place to start if you want to improve your pickleball game. By learning to spin, you can control the ball more effectively, add variety to your shots, and deceive your opponents. 

PCKL DuoTone pickleballs are excellent training aids, giving players the ability to visualize their spin and track incoming ball spin off their opponent’s paddle.

Using a pickleball topspin training aid can give you a significant advantage on the pickleball court. The PCKL DuoTone pickleball is ideal for improving your spin, hand-eye coordination and makes a great gift.

Weight: 26 grams

Diameter: 74mm

Holes: 40 Precision Molded Holes

  • Easy to see spin
  • Use for pickleball training drills
  • Gives instant feedback on your shots
  • Great indoor pickleball
  • Durable, long lasting ball
  • These are designed as a training aid and not ideal for competitive play.
  • The dark color can make the ball difficult to see when playing on dark court surfaces.
  • Softer than your typical outdoor ball. The PCKL Elite 40 is a better choice for outdoor competition.
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07/18/2024 04:57 pm GMT

PCKL Pickleballs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs?

The main difference in constructing outdoor and indoor pickleball balls is the materials used. Outdoor pickleballs are crafted from robust, resilient materials to endure rough surfaces like asphalt or concrete. In contrast, indoor pickleballs are designed to be softer and optimized for smooth gymnasium floors, enhancing playability and control.

How often should a pickleball be replaced?

The frequency of replacement hinges on your playing frequency and the court conditions. However, a general guideline is to change pickleballs when signs of wear become apparent, such as visible cracks, especially around the holes, and a diminished bounce. This typically occurs after 20-30 hours of gameplay. Vigilantly monitor the condition of the balls and promptly replace any showing wear to ensure fair and enjoyable gameplay.

Does PCKL help recycle used pickleballs?

Yes, PCKL is working to help recycle pickleballs. They work in collaboration with P3 Cares, the 501c3 associated with P3 Pickleball, to install pickleball recycling bins on courts nationwide. P3 Pickleball can recycle aged, cracked, or damaged pickleballs, ensuring their diversion from landfills and oceans. Read more here from the PCKL blog. 

How is PCKL giving back to the pickleball community?

PCKL has a strong passion for pickleball, aiming to encourage widespread participation in the sport. Their dedication involves allocating 1% of their annual profits to support racquet sports organizations nationwide and providing equipment donations when possible. This commitment is driven by the hope that it will enhance access, education, and the overall reach of the beloved sport.

Does PCKL offer college discounts?

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US, and PCKL aims to accelerate its growth on college campuses. PCKL extends a 15% discount on all gear to college students, teachers, and administrators holding a valid .edu college email address. Additionally, they provide PCKL sponsorship opportunities for college clubs, reinforcing their commitment to fostering the sport’s popularity within academic institutions.

Simply Pickleball Podcast with PCKL CEO Mike Gottfried

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